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ICAR - Andorra 2017

The annual ICAR Congress will be held in Andorra between 18-21 October, in Soldeu.

Andorra is a fabulous venue for organising a Congress like this, because it has all the essential factors for producing the event:

A natural, high-mountain landscape of great beauty, due to its geographical location in the Pyrenean mountains. Andorra has a wide range of scenery: open pastures, high mountains, rivers and streams, valleys, dense woods of varying colours, rocky areas, lakes, traditional borda houses and mountain huts, rich in contrasts, ... and all relatively close to town so you do not have to go far to find them.

A rich architectural and artistic heritage throughout the parishes. This heritage includes Romanesque churches and bridges which our ancestors used to cross the brimming rivers; noble family homes; remarkable buildings that depict different periods of Andorran history and even examples of modern architecture.